Worksite Wellness

YCCHS is dedicated to helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. A Worksite Wellness Team of staff members from different departments who are passionate about promoting health meets bi-monthly to create and evaluate new initiatives and programs to that end. 

Goals for 2019 include helping employees reduce stress and improve their physical fitness and nutrition. 

Current Initiatives: 

  • Weekly yoga classes for ALL Yavapai County employees in both Prescott and Cottonwood

  • A blood pressure monitor is rotated amongst sites to provide access for all employees to regularly check their blood pressure

  • Annual Healthy Bake Sale and Salad Day to promote healthy eating

  • Annual Stress Awareness Month to disseminate information and provide classes and resources for reducing stress

  • Monthly bulletins with curated articles on nutrition, general health and wellness, self-care, and more. The weekly yoga schedules, information on local farmers markets, and seasonal fruit and nut harvesting will also be posted. 

Projects in the Works:

  • The Team is working to create "Sanctuary Spaces" at the Prescott and Cottonwood locations where employees can go to meditate, stretch, or simply relax. The planning of the Sanctuary Spaces includes electric massagers, white noise machines, and essential oils in these rooms to create a peaceful and healing ambiance. 

For more information, please contact Laurel Abdelnour, Health Education Coordinator at (928) 634-6874 or